October 11, 2016

Welcome October, welcome rainy season! Are you coming to Makassar this month? Then don’t forget to put us on your traveling list and enjoy special monthly promo at Singgasana Hotel Makassar. To those staying at Singgasana Hotel Makassar, you can enjoy a few special menus with less than IDR 100K, such as;


1. Mie Ayam Singgasana

Mie Ayam or Chicken Noodle is one of Indonesian’s favorite foods and it’s good either for lunch or dinner. It’s savory atste goes very well with Mie meatballs, makes it a perfect meal for any day especially when it rains. Mie Ayam Singgasana costs IDR 50K/portion. 


2. Nasi Campur

Another Indonesian’s favorite food is Nasi Campur or Mixed Rice which is usually served with herbs fried chicken, egg and sautéed vegies, and not to forget, the sambal (red hot chili paste).  This dish is perfect for an after gym session or lunch. You can enjoy Nasi Campur at Singgasana Hotel Makassar for only IDR 50K/Portion.


3. Banana Smoothie

I have an apple, I have a milk – UGH – Banana Smoothie! 

This healthy yet delicious drink will boost your mood and energy after a long tiring day at the convention or work. A glass of Banana Smoothie is only IDR 25K.

Beside these special food and beverage you could also enjoy some other delicious menus at Singgasana Hotel Makassar with the loved ones at a low cost. Enjoy your staycation at our hotel include breakfast and free transfer to Trans Studio Makassar with our special package. Enter the promo code BOOKNOW and get 10% extra discount for your next holiday, only valid on website.