November 28, 2016

Once in your life time when you have the chance to be in Makassar, do not miss to visit Pallopo. Pallopo is a small town located around 8 hours driving from Makassar which offers a serene view of a harbor life. The Tanjung Ringgit Harbor is one of the oldest harbors in Makassar built in 1920 during the Dutch era, which connects the trading routes between harbors in Makassar and Kalimantan (Borneo). 


The harbor remains active but now it is only focused for cargos, though sometimes you can find international cruise ships docked in, to drop tourists off to Tana Toraja. 


The Tanjung Ringgit Harbor presents peculiar scenes of a harbor life. As boats land after a night at the ocean for fishing, porters run towards them in hurly-burly to collect catches fresh off the sea and bring them to the auction. Auctioneer vends all best catches to those who dare to pay in best prices. In the afternoon, you can just sit down, eating some local snacks while enjoying the gusts of wind coast. 


Did you know, Pallopo is the town of where the Sulawesi’s most epic literature I La Galigo was born. I La Galigo, the longest epic literature in the world was created in Aksara Lontara (ancient writing technique) around 13 & 15 BC, that tells about how human was created. And not just that, it is also contains of life almanacs. I La Galigo is Sulawesi’s proud, some of the manuscripts is kept in Leiden University at the Netherlands.


Let’s go to Pallopo, chasing the sun at the Tanjung Ringgit Harbor and know deeper about Sulawesi’s authentic journey of history. Stay with us and rent a car to go to Pallopo, or take a plane via the Lagaligo airport.


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