February 13, 2017

Honeymoon is a holiday celebrated by newlyweds. Are you a newlywed? Or maybe you are a married couple who’s longing to have a romantic holiday on Valentine’s day? For those staying in Makassar, there are many places that you can visit for a short romantic getaway. Makassar has hidden gems that you might not know about, and they are perfect for a honeymoon. Here are 5 romantic places for Valentine in Makassar. 


1. Akkarena Beach

The Akkarena Beach is only 15 minutes away from Singgasana Hotel Makassar. This place is so romantic especially during sunset as the sunlight reflected above the sea, creating a beautiful orange sea view. You can also find a lots of restaurants in this area, for a lovely romantic dinner to icing on the cake. 

2. Malino Hill

Head about 90 KM south from Makassar, you’ll find a line of pine trees and the magnificent Seribu Tangga Waterfall. The Takapala or Seribu Tangga Watwerfall is named so because people have to go up and down in countless stairs to reach the waterfall, but the result will be worth it. If you are too tired to visit Seribu Tangga Waterfall, you and your spouse could visit the Malino Highlands to experience tea walk through 200 hectares the tea garden and end up drinking a cup of hot tea. Exciting isn’t it?


3. Takabonerate Marine Park

Did you know, Takabonerate Marine Park is the biggest marine park in Indonesia and the third in the world after Kwajifein in Marshall Islands and Suvadiva in Maldives. In this marine park, a happy couple could enjoy a memorable experience of playing with sea creatures and seeing various coral reefs which cannot be found in any other places. 


4. Pantai Samalona

Everyone’s dreaming of having a relationship goals, now it’s time for you to make it your own. Start it by lay back and relax by the beach of a quiet island with your bae at Samalona Beach. Samalona is located within minutes from Singgasana Hotel Makassar, by boat. When visiting this beach, bring your own foods and water since the location is quite remote. 


5. Losari Beach

And just across Singgasana Hotel Makassar you can take a long beach walk with your loved one, while enjoying traditional foods and snacks at Losari Beach, the icon of Makassar. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy all the foods here as they are not pricey and affordable. Losari Beach is the only place where you can witness the sun rise and set within the same place.