May 04, 2017

Have you ever ride a slide that goes down right through the sea, or running along a stretch of white, soft sandy beach? If you reside in Makassar, you can enjoy all of these fun beach activities at the Camba-Cambang Island which is located in Pangkajene, South Sulawesi. The island is only 15 minutes away by boat from Pangkep land. Tourist would have to rent a boat from local fishermen and pay Rp. 150,000 for round trip.


During the first times when it was discovered, the 0.4 hectare island had a twin tamarind plants which then became the name of the island. The Camba-Cambang Island offers the beauty of South Sulawesi’s beach that you can enjoy from their villas and restaurants, and it is also the first stop if you want to go to the surrounding small islands. 


The island is getting its popularity among local and international tourists for the past few years. Many people would come here just to enjoy the sun, sandy beach or to enjoy local culinary delights from the restaurant. Meanwhile international tourists are usually continue their journey to the surrounding islands for the more private getaway. In Kuluambing Island, you can see how locals make traditional wooden boats, visiting turtle center and snorkeling. The island is also completed with safety facilities such as safety net and lifebuoy so tourists can swim without worry.