Planning Your Dream Wedding

October 29, 2018

 Pick a Theme


According to, one of the easiest ways for couples to decide their wedding theme is to envision what would they like to see on their wedding day – what does it look like, what kind of impressions they’re trying to convey. After that, couples can make a list which contains all of their favorite things, like movies, countries to visit, even hobbies. This step will make your decision way easier.
However, trying to embody your vision into real life can sometimes be a tough job. Annie Lee from Daughter of Design believes that couples shouldn’t push themselves too hard on finding the upmost perfect decorations for the said theme. But instead, they can use the essence of the theme rather than its literal interpretation. For example, if you choose a Gatsby theme wedding, instead of filling up the room with fringes and feathers, you can put elements of the 20’s in much smaller area like table centerpiece or tops of the chairs.

Set Your Budget


After choosing your theme, it is time to figure out your wedding budget. mentioned that wedding will most likely be the biggest and priciest party you’ve ever hosted, thus making it even more filled with pressure. Not to mention that one in three couples goes over budget, according to study conducted by Brides American Wedding.
But, don’t worry - with extensive research upon this matter, you can still have a fairytale and debt-free wedding. Many experts believe that communication is the most important key of all. Have an in-depth discussion with your fiancé and both sides of the family to determine what would be your initial wedding budget. Then you can probably ask both families to help you financially if needed.

Pick a Venue


The theme has been chosen and the budget has been laid out, but of course your wedding journey is far from ending. Find the right venue is definitely not something that should be treated light-handedly, for you want to make sure it can accommodate everyone’s need. Jaimie Mickey from stated that the best move a couple can do is to consult a wedding planner, because these people know every inch of said venue like a back of their hand – from room capacity, to layout, even an estimation of how long will it take to decorate the venue.
The easiest way to find a wedding venue? Find the information at your local hotels, because they’re most likely provide stunning selections of ballroom even wedding packages. If you happen to live in the City of Daeng, look no further than Singgasana Hotel Makassar. The elegance of our Morante Ballroom will guarantee you the most beautiful experience in this once in life time moment.

Create a Wedding Checklist


Last but definitely not least, create a checklist which contains all the necessities needed for this special day. Meg Keene from stated that before starting your wedding checklist, you must “Avoid jumping right into planning.” Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and try to figure out what would be your wedding priorities.
For instance, after laying out the budget and choosing the venue, you might want to start arranging your guest list. This is probably one of the most important points out of your checklist, because it’ll be a bummer if you’re not able to squeeze those who are matter to you the most. Next, find out what kinds of food you want to serve, what would be the table’s centerpiece, even the music you want to have. Do not hesitate to ask for help from friends or relatives if you find any concerning issues along the way.