5 Things To Do On New Year’s Eve

November 21, 2018

It sounds quite crazy when you think about it, but you have to be prepared to say goodbye to 2018 in less than a month. Have you got any plans to celebrate this New Year’s Eve? If you’re feeling confused, undecided, and perhaps a bit under the weather, maybe this article can help you.
1. Barbecue Party

There is nothing more fun than to spend this special night with your loved ones, surrounded by drinks, board games, and of course food. A study shows that there are some mood-affecting chemicals which are released whenever someone eats – it comes from what they consume. Researchers also believe that some foods can help the production of neurotransmitter in our brain, thus food does make people happy.
When it comes to New Year’s Eve, one of the most common things that people do to serve their party guests is by grilling some meat, sausages, vegetables, - or also known as Barbecue. Of course, hosting a barbecue party is not an easy task. Some of us feel frightened with the thought of having people to come over to their house, to eat the food they’ve made, and to hear the feedbacks about the taste. Those can be terrifying. But, worry not! If you’re looking for tips on how to throw the best barbecue party ever, you can visit our previous article here.
2. Movie Night

Raise your hand if the last time you went to the cinema was when Ant Man and The Wasp came out, which was nearly three months ago. If you’re following the traditional 9 – 5 working schedule, chances are you rarely got a chance to hang out, because the thought of it already makes you feel exhausted. It’s kind of sad when you think about it. We used to be so energetic as a kid – we feel like we can conquer the world in one day. But, as time goes by, we barely have enough time to pamper ourselves over the weekend. 
Enough with the pity party and let’s get down to the business. If you can’t find the perfect time to go to the cinema, you can create your own personalized cinema at home. Do a little research about all kinds of movies New Year’s Eve related or if you want to be bold, try horror films because it can never do you wrong. If you’re planning on extending your invitation to some of your closest friends, ask them to provide some movie references and of course to bring some snack
3. Sleepover

What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Sleepover’ or ‘Slumber Party’? If your interpretation over the word is ‘staying up all night’ then you’re right! But, one must know that with the right strategy and enough research, you can do so much more at your sleepover and turn it into a night you would never forget.
New Year’s Eve would be the perfect time to host a sleepover party, for you can finally catch up with some friends to make up for some lost time. If you have some extra time laying around, you can decorate your bedroom and turn it into a cozy fort, hang some balloons, prepare some board games, and the last but not least one shall not forgetting the snacks. Since a sleepover party usually lays on the more casual side, try not to get too attached on a rundown or schedule – for you want to make it appear as spontaneous and less frustrating as possible. Focus on the good time you’ll have with your best friends.
4. Bonfire Party

Bonfire will instantly remind you of the wonderful time you had at summer or scout camp back when you were a kid. Donna Pilato from thespruce.com mentioned that the older we grow, the more we’re in need for a get together activity. She also mention that a bonfire party will suit everyone well, because many adults feel that hanging around outside at night can sometimes be a lot more entertaining.
If you’re planning on hosting a bonfire party, there are some golden rules you can follow. According to Daisy Murray from elle.com, keeping your guests comfortable is mandatory because you’ll spend the majority of the evening outdoors. Prepare a nice and cozy seating area and don’t forget to provide some blankets while you’re at it. Marshmallow and hot chocolate is the perfect combo for a perfect bonfire party, so you can’t forget those two. Lastly, to make this party even more festive, ask your friends to bring their dishes of specialty so it can be shared with the whole team.
5. Join the Night of Heroes

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Last but certainly not least, for those of you who are not very keen with the idea of hosting a party, head to 16th Kajaolalido Street and join Singgasana Hotel Makassar New Year’s Eve party; Night of Heroes. This festive celebration will be spiced up with the performance of DJ Agung and DJ Michella, cosplay theatrical, acoustic band, games session, and fireworks display. Reserve a spot now and enjoy the most unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience with your loved ones. For more information about this event, give us a ring at 0411 3627051.