3 Annual Events in Makassar That Will Greet You This March

February 27, 2019

Makassar, March 2019 – As the world’s largest island country, it is no secret that Indonesia has many great potential in varieties of different aspects. One of them is certainly being their tourism industry. With as many as 17.504 islands, it will be extremely underrated to say that we know every inch squares about this country especially regarding its tourist attractions.
But, of course, with large area coverage, it is highly understandable if we find it difficult to decide where to take our next conquest – which part of the country should we visit on our vacation. If you are facing a similar problem, then don’t worry, because we are here to give some references about cool annual events you can find in Makassar. As we all know, Makassar has some of the most beautiful and exciting tourist sites in Indonesia. Not only that, there are also many fun activities and amazing events that you can attend! So, sit back and relax, because you are in for a treat.

Makassar Art Market
Did you know that Makassar has an exciting event called Makassar Art Market? This annual event was held by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as means to boost Makassar’s tourism, as well as to showcase some of the most fantastic artworks from Indonesian artists. According to Mohammad Roem, head division at Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for Makassar, Makassar Art Market is a great chance for local artists, professional or amateur, to introduce their works to public. He also mentioned that art and tourism must walk hand in hand, thus it can act as a form of entertainment and education.
This year, the 4th edition of Makassar Art Market will be held at Karebosi Park. Similar with other previous events, this year Makassar Art Market is still focusing on bringing the awareness of Indonesia’s cultural heritage to public. Joined by artists from all across the country, you can find some of the most exciting festival-styled activities here – like art exhibition, art performance, fashion competition, music jingle competition, and talk show. If you are interested to pay this art market a visit, make sure you spare some time around March 1st – 3rd and don’t forget to book for your stay with Singgasana Hotel Makassar. Because, fun fact, Karebosi Park is located only five minutes away from our hotel!

Maritime and Cultural Festival
The second event on Makassar’s 2019 calendar is Maritime and Cultural Festival, which will be held around Losari Beach on March 17th. If you have never heard about this event before, Maritime and Cultural Festival is basically a festive get-together where people from many different work field such as fishermen, traditional dancers, and artists are showing their love and passion towards Makassar’s maritime culture and tradition. Last year, this festival was opened by the head division of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for Makassar chapter, bringing high hopes for the betterment of Makassar’s tourism in general.
One of the best things about Maritime and Cultural Festival is that you can watch a unique dance performance that you might never see before. Dozens of female dancers performing a traditional dance on top fishermen’s boats called ‘Lepa-lepa.’ Not only that, you can also learn more about the richness of Indonesia’s heritage through numbers of stalls which sell varieties of Indonesia’s most beloved food, as well as some handmade souvenirs made by locals. Before you fly in to Makassar to attend Maritime and Cultural Festival, don’t forget to check our exciting promo throughout March!

Bosowa Half Marathon
If we’re talking about the biggest marathon event in Makassar, chances are you will bring up this particular race into the conversation. Every March since 2014, professional or amateur runners from all across the country gathered in the City of Daeng to participate on Bosowa Half Marathon. After seeing a huge excitement over this event, Bosowa Half Marathon soon became one of the hottest national sport events in Indonesia. Last year, 3000 people registered for this marathon and all of them were able to finish the race in the given time.
For those of you who are interested on joining Bosowa Half Marathon, there are four categories you can choose based on your preference. The first category is Full Marathon in 42K, followed by Half Marathon in 21K, 10K marathon, and lastly 5K marathon. Before you get into the race, make sure that you’ve prepared your physic by doing some light training. Try to measure your own ability and remember to not pushing yourself too hard. Once all of the preparation is done, make sure you’ve booked your stay with Singgasana Hotel Makassar, for then you can do an extra training in Karebosi!