5 Reasons You Must Plan Your Staycation with Singgasana Hotel Makassar

March 20, 2019

“Have you got any plans for the holiday? Please don’t tell me that you’re just going to stay home because the world is out there for you to explore!” Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there – we’ve been through that awkward conversation where you just wish that it’ll be over soon and you didn’t have to answer to anything. There are numbers of way for you to spend your holiday and it is you who have the right to decide. Whether it is a nice staycation at home or maybe at a hotel, you can always make the most out of holiday season simply by keeping negative vibes out of the way.
For those of you who might be looking for the next city to conquer, Makassar is a great place for you to start. Because not only it has some of the most well-known tourist attractions, but Makassar also has some of the most delicious traditional cuisine for you to try. Care to give Makassar a go? Why don’t you plan your trip with Singgasana Hotel Makassar for the most ultimate guest-experience in the City of Daeng? If you’re still unconvinced, maybe these five reasons will help you to decide.

1.    Great news from Silent Day promo
Last week, Singgasana Hotel Makassar had just released a special promo for Silent Day – and it only gained more and more popularity ever since. So, we have decided to extend the promotion until March 31st, 2019, so that our guests could experience our most exclusive benefits for much longer. Still bringing the spirit of the Saka New Year, Singgasana Hotel Makassar offers a chance to have a nice and peaceful staycation for you and your loved ones, starting from IDR 450.000,- nett/room. Along with this promo, you will get tons of exclusive benefits such as breakfast for 2 (two), 10% discount for laundry, free access to the gym and swimming pool, free Wi-Fi access, and last but not least is free access to Zona Pub and Café. Care to give this promo a shot? Head over to makassar.singgasanahotels.com to learn more about our Silent Day promo and of course to make your online reservation!

2.    Pay Now is still offers the best rate for you
Fun fact, Silent Day is not only the exciting promo we have this month. Singgasana Hotel Makassar also offers you a chance to save more money on your reservation, simply by choosing our Pay Now rate plan on our official website. Get IDR 100.000 off of our room rate and other fantastic benefits such as 10% discount for laundry, free gym access until 6 PM, and free room upgrade. Surely you won’t find a better offer than this! However, some terms and conditions are applicable once you have decided to book your stay using Pay Now promo. First, this promo is only applicable for online reservation through our official website. Second, this promo can’t be combined with other offers and it can’t be canceled, refunded, or modified. Last but not least, the room must be paid upfront through our website.

3.    Cirangga Restaurant has some of the most delicious local cuisines
Singgasana Hotel Makassar - Nasi Goreng Konro Bakar
With over 17.504 islands across the provinces, it is no secret that Indonesia is also known for its delicious traditional dishes – and in this case Makassar is no different. The capital city of South Sulawesi has several famous food that will instantly make you drool after just thinking about it. According to wikipedia.com, Coto Makassar still remains as the most popular dish of all - made from the balance mixture between nuts, different kinds of spices, chunks of meat, and some chopped cow intestines including beef brains and tongues. The second most popular dish is Konro Soup which gains its popularity through the perfect combination between tender cow ribs and savory broth. As an effort to introduce Makassar’s most beloved dishes to local and international tourists, Singgasana Hotel Makassar offers a new twist for guests who are looking forward to enjoy the said dishes on their trip to Makassar. We have our famous Nasi Goreng Konro Bakar which was made by combining two famous dishes – Fried Rice and Konro Soup. Not only that, guests can also choose varieties of different food such as Rawon Buntut, Coto Makassar, and the sweet Pisang Epe for those who are interested on give that snack a little taste.

4.    Family gathering on holiday
family-gathering-in-singgasana-hotel makassar
There is nothing more fun than to spend your days off with your family, whilst catching up on things you might have missed on each other’s life. But, the harsh reality is that we often find it difficult to arrange the perfect time for a family gathering, for each of us has our own tight schedule to be dealt with. If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, you might want to consider to pick a day out of the holiday season timeline to hold a family gathering – chances are everyone is going to be able to attend that event. Another fun twist you can put in this family gathering is by combining it with a fun staycation. Not only you will get the chance to catch up with family members, but you can also spend a wonderful yet unforgettable vacation together – and Singgasana Hotel Makassar can be a great pick for you. With its seven multipurpose rooms that can be set, arranged, and decorated according to your needs, our professional staff will assist you to ensure that this family gathering goes according to plan. So, your staycation and family gathering plan could go hand in hand.

5.    Many exciting events to attend to
One of the greatest reasons of why you should plan your staycation with us, is that you can find varieties of exciting events in Makassar for the next few months. Since Singgasana Hotel Makassar is located in the heart of City of Daeng, it is quite unlikely that you will meet any difficulties to reach those venues – another exciting perks if you have decided to spend your time with us. In the beginning of 2019, local government had shared 20 events that will be held in Makassar throughout the year and here we will provide you with a brief summary of two most anticipated events in the city around April. First, is Celebes Beauty & Fashion Week which is dubbed as one of the biggest fashion and beauty events in South Sulawesi. Last year, Celebes Beauty & Fashion Week rise ‘Beauty in Diversity’ as its theme and the event was attended by 50 local and international designers, as well as hundreds of fashion and beauty enthusiasts. The second one is Makassar Culinary Night which was held each year around Ford Rotterdam. In this festive event, visitors can find varieties of Indonesia’s most beloved traditional food, fun games, and music performances. Needless to say, these events are something you don’t want to miss.