5 Highly Recommended Swimming Pool in Makassar

July 30, 2019

In 2007, Professor Jean Pierre Brun from Laval University, France, was conducting a research around work-related stress. In this study, Jean noticing that there are some factors which play a significant role on increasing the stress level in workplace – one of them being poor relations between employees and managers, co-workers, as well as low recognition received in the workplace.
This is the common case which will eventually lead to the ever-growing need for vacation. Because at the end of the day, vacation becomes a sweet escape which can help us to get away from our nagging chores. One of the easiest and often cheapest activities you can do is, of course, swimming! Not only it will help us to become more relax, but swimming is also beneficial for our health.
For those of you who are living in Makassar, or maybe you’re currently enjoying a fun staycation with Singgasana Hotel Makassar, here are five most recommended swimming pool in the City of Daeng that worth to try.

1. Bugis Waterpark Adventure
Photo credit @checefadilah
One described Bugis Waterpark Adventure as “the best waterpark available in South Sulawesi” and honestly, he is not wrong. Located in Andalas Street, Bukit Baruga Antang, Bugis Waterpark Adventure is the largest waterpark in the area, with more than five exciting attractions to try. First, they have a slide which is in the shape of South Sulawesi’s legendary sailing ship, Phinisi. Guests can also get their adrenaline rushing by trying out the 18 meter high slide, known as Matanre or Free Fall. For those of you who aren’t afraid of the dark and small spaces, do not miss the chance to hop on the Black Hole – a waterslide in the form of a long tunnel. With many exciting attractions to choose, Bugis Waterpark Adventure will be the perfect destination for families.

2. UNHAS Swimming Pool
Photo credit @identitas_unhas
Our next destination is perfect for those who are looking for an Olympic style swimming pool. Located 20 minutes from Singgasana Hotel Makassar, UNHAS swimming pool was originally build as one of Hasanuddin University’s campus facilities. But, understanding the need for public swimming pool around Makassar, the campus then decided to open its private facility for public. Ever since then, UNHAS swimming pool becomes one of the most visited places in the city. Here, visitors pay around IDR 20.000,- for one swimming session on weekdays and IDR 25.000,- on weekends – exciting prices you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

3. Singgasana Hotel Makassar
For those of who are currently enjoying a getaway with us, do not miss the chance to take a dive into our gorgeous swimming pool! Opened around 7 AM every day, Singgasana Hotel Makassar’s swimming pool is definitely become one of the most favorite spots in the hotel. Not only due to its relatively large size, but our swimming pool is also equipped with a shaded area which will be suitable for guests who just want to bask in the warmth of the sun. If you aren’t staying at Singgasana Hotel Makassar but you still want to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool, don’t worry, because our swimming pool is also opened for public! Give us a ring at 0411 3627051 and find out more information about our swimming package.

4. Tirta Lontara
Photo credit @ericcsimon
As one of the most well-known swimming pool around Panakukang, Tirta Lontara is surely become the “It” destination for families. Located in Urip Sumiharjo Street, this public swimming pool offers the best weekend getaway experience with its array of facilities – ranging from kiddies pool, adult pool, to food stalls. Another most notable thing about Tirta Lontara is of course its ticket price, which starts from IDR to 20.000,- on weekdays and IDR 25.000,- on weekends. This will be perfect for those who are looking forward to have a fun day by the pool, but with a rather tight budget.

5. Athirah Swimming Pool
Photo credit @merrykumanireng
Our fifth recommendation is Athirah Swimming Pool which is located 30 minutes from Singgasana Hotel Makassar. Since Athirah Swimming Pool is a part of Bukit Baruga’s private facilities, it is safe to say that this pool has the best poolside view amongst all. Overlooking a gorgeous hill around the area, Athirah Swimming Pool will be the perfect option for those who wanted to get away from the frantic of the city over the weekend.