5 Unique Decoration Ideas for Independence Day Celebration

August 09, 2019

There is nothing better to describe August other than Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence. Much like the previous year, a theme and slogan was picked for the 74th anniversary our Independence Day in order to add in the festivity of its celebration. For those of you who often surf around the internet, you might have heard or read the slogan ‘Menuju Indonesia Unggul’ roaming around on every social media platforms. The term ‘Menuju Indonesia Unggul’ itself was inspired by Presiden Joko Widodo’s speech about the nation’s priority to improve the quality of its human resources.
With that being said, let’s gather our spirit to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence with series of exciting activities – from flag ceremony to fun ‘Agustusan’ competitions with our neighbors. One thing you mustn’t forget is to spice up your house, workplace, even neighborhood with some fun Independence Day themed ornaments! But, if you feel like you’re running out of ideas for this year’s decoration, we’ve gathered five unique ideas just for you!

1. Festive LED string lights
String-lights-LED- yang-cantik
To get into the spirit of Independence Day celebration, people are often use ‘Red and White’ themed ornaments around their house. One of the easiest ways to start your ‘Agustusan’ decoration is by adding some string lights on your dining room or even your living room! Not only string lights are quite easy to be installed/hanged, but it is also cost less than IDR 100.000,- Another great thing about string lights is that you can find this decoration almost on every craft stores available in your town. If you’re still having some difficulties to find it, online store will always be there to assist you.

2. Sweet accent on your bed
A writer from pentoday.com highlighted the importance of bedroom decoration for our lives. Although it seems a bit funny to think about the correlation between decorations and the betterment of someone’s life, she stated that the act of decorating can give us a sense of control. Since we can always alter our living room, dining room, even bedroom to cater our preferences and needs – this activity will help us to express ourselves, as well as giving positive vibes on our surroundings. Thus, it is important to spread joy, spirit, and positivity on this year’s Independence Day, simply by adding some red and white accents around your bedroom – ranging from your pillow covers to bed sheets.

3. Roses are never go out of style
One thing we know for sure that when it comes to home décor, a bucket full of roses is never goes out of style. Verdissimo.com notices that in the past few years, roses become one of the most important items for home décor – especially with the rising of modern bohemian lifestyle. You too can add some red and white roses around the house to get into the spirit of Independence Day! But, make sure that you’ve conduct some light research around the internet beforehand – since keeping roses fresh is quite of a handful job. If you wish to have a bucket full of fresh roses all month round, you can easily purchase fake flowers at your local craft store or even grocery store. Side note; pick the most realistic looking flowers, so your guests wouldn’t know the difference!

4. Decorate with plaid
If you have a plaid tablecloth laying around, you’re in luck – because this red and white fabric could make a perfect Independence Day décor. Not only this tablecloth will remind you of a fun Sunday picnic, but it also can make your dining room looking even more festive around August. If you’re not planning on adding this plaid tablecloth as a décor around the house, you can make use of it as a décor of snack stalls which usually will be available around the ‘Agustusan’ competitions area. Make sure you add in some red and white colored snacks to add into the spirit of this celebration!

5. Munching on something red and white
As mentioned in the previous number, adding some red and white colored snacks will help you to get into the spirit of Independence Day celebration. This isn’t necessarily a home décor, but we can guarantee you that no one will object the tastiness of these cute snacks. For those of you who have a lot of time to spare, red and white strawberry or cherry pie will make the perfect snack for ‘Agustusan.’ Red and white pudding can also be a great option and it’s quite easy to make. Just mix in some agar-agar, milk, vanilla, and red food coloring as the crème de la crème. The traditional Es Doger is also another great option – since the dominant color of this ice beverage is red and white. Needless to say, Indonesia has a wide range of red and white themed food and drinks that you can easily make at home!
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